banner & above:  she of the woods


owner & floral designer, grew up in rural New Jersey on a quiet street called Honeysuckle Way. Seeking adventure after graduating from Rutgers University, she moved to Maine in 2009 to lead trail crews. With the Maine Conservation Corps, Andrea built and maintained hiking trails throughout the backwoods of Maine, including Baxter State Park and the Appalachian Trail. After several rewarding years spent living in tents and hiking pristine wilderness, Andrea fell completely in love with Maine, its people, and, especially, its landscape.


Andrea then sought new ways to connect with the land. Farming began an exciting endeavor for Andrea, as she gained appreciation for food and growth. Andrea apprenticed, and later managed, at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, ME, where she not only learned to grow organic produce, but also developed a passion for flowers. Andrea went on to start her own flower farm, Honeysuckle Way, in 2014. Farming and floral design became the perfect opportunity for Andrea to blend her artistic abilities with her desire to be outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Honeysuckle Way has since evolved to focus primarily on floral design for events. Andrea, and her husband Jon, continue to keep a flower garden for cutting, yet have transitioned out of full time farming. This allows more time for getting to know clients, as well as developing personal creativity and unique style. Honeysuckle Way's mission, however, remains much the same: to stay in tune with nature and incorporate local product whenever possible. 

Above & banner images courtesy of She of the Woods.